This Is Sanlitun

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This is Sanlitun premiered at The 38th Toronto International Film Festival in September 2013.

A pair of hapless ex-pats discover that Beijing isn’t the hotbed of entrepreneurial opportunity they had anticipated in this hilarious and timely look at the West’s obsession with the East.

British sad sack Gary (Carlos Ottery) is a failed entrepreneur who has just arrived in Beijing’s Sanlitun district, allegedly to start a business.

There are other reasons why he has uprooted himself — he’s followed his ex-wife and young son, for one — but he soon finds out that China isn’t the easiest place to succeed. Blissfully untouched by self-awareness, and only fitfully in tune with reality, Gary sallies forth to make money, armed with faith in himself and little to no knowledge of Chinese culture. He soon hooks up with Frank (Chris Loton), a trust-fund kid from Australia who offers to mentor Gary in Eastern ways, although Frank’s pedagogical method is restricted to yelling at Gary for not being as “Chinese” as him.

“Brimming with spot-on observational humor, This is Sanlitun is a spirited comedy which offers a hilarious snapshot of life in Beijing.”
John Berra – VCinema Show

“The movie that every ex-pat should see, we couldn’t stop laughing”
Meirav Markowitz – XpatGirls

“It’s hilarious, very funny and compares favorably to Christopher Guests comedies. The two main actors are very good and funny.”
Matthew Price – RowThree Mamo

A selection of Chinese reviews via Google Translate

“The Morphology of Funny”
“The Ultimate Truth, Very Funny”
“Extremely Absurd! I Love It”
“A Cock of Breath Air”


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