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A Distribution Deal with Criminals … It’s a win win

We’ve made a deal with some of the “dubious” DVD shops scattered around Beijing to stock our DVD of This Is Sanlitun. The DVD is available in Sanlitun and Shunyi. Although these shops (as with all DVD shops in Beijing) are operating in somewhat of a grey area, we have secured a good sales deal and to be quite honest these shops seem to be a bit more above board than our actual legal sales agents and distributors here in China. We have yet to see any figures, numbers or money from our iQiYi (Baidu) deal, yet our film has amassed over one million views through their online video platform. Here’s to the honest pirates!



Someone Like You

The crew break into song during filming of our movie…


Although we’ve started the editing process we still had some “official” shooting to do, so the final scene was shot today and we celebrated by having a wrap party. Some street food at The Worker’s Stadium followed by free cocktails in a bar set up by our production manager Stacey and then some KTV fun (Karaoke) … oh and of course followed by The Final of The Euro’s 2012, sad to say that most of the crew supported Italy. It was a great Wrap and a great crew – Thanks to Jeremy (sound), Matthew (camera), Lemon (AD) for taking us out on a high note in the KTV by singing “My heart will go on” what else? 🙂
Suzanne is the winner of the Euro 2012 sweeps – and the rest of the crew owe her 20rmb each!

Gee / Crew Menu (last 4 weeks)

As a good low budget film the daily menu consisted of three standards
McDonald’s (When we felt a bit flash)

Dumplings (Most of the time)

Pizza (When we really decided to treat the crew)

Gee / Crew standings in Euro 2012

As we can see below, the Euro 2012 Gee Crew Sweeps are heating up:

With Carlos having a difficult choice tonight in siding with national pride (England) or winning the sweeps and getting 200rmb (Italy). 

Actor Christopher Loton

Actor Carlos Ottery

Director Robert Douglas & Accountant Jo Jo

Assistant Director Lemon

Line Producer Re Lim

Production Manager Suzanne

Sound Engineer Jeremy
Czech Republic

Cinematographer Matthew

10 Movie Stills from "GEE" (Working title)

Preliminary shooting is done and although there are a few pick up days ahead of us most of the shooting is in the can, so to speak. I’m currently syncing the sound files to the video files and have started a rough cut. We came up with a title the other day, based on the theme’s, location and well … weirdness of the movie so far.

how about Manhattan 2 : Beijing

How on earth we’ll convince the investors that this is a viable title, I don’t know 🙂