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This is Sanlitun is now available to rent ($2.99) or to download ($7.99) at Vimeo on Demand.



Trailer – This is Sanlitun

A pair of hapless ex-pats discover that Beijing isn’t the hotbed of entrepreneurial opportunity they had anticipated in this hilarious and timely look at the West’s obsession with the East.

Gee / June 15th Pictures

Shooting Pictures & Stills
Lunch Break

David acting as Jonathan Taylor-Sharpe get’s the French sound treatment

Tired crew at the office

Jo Jo orders a van for The Great Wall outing

On the way to The Great Wall

Cool Headphones

Director and Leonardo discuss

Tai Chi in Tuanjiehu Park

Sound in the park

Still from Gee

Still from Gee

Gee / Some more CREW QUOTES!

That’s us, the crew.

More Quotes from The Crew!

“Don’t tell Robert about my dream”
Chris one of the main actors telling another main actor not to mention anything to the director.
“I dream’t about you last night, you were being a dick in Hollywood and Richard was your gimp”
Director telling Chris about his dream.
“I’m having a visual orgasm right now!”
Boris a friend and co-film maker get’s a sneak preview of some of the footage shot on the Nex 5n camera.
“It’s a good drink, I think I might just grab a bottle of this with me later”
Stacey’s most commonly used sentence (our production manager).
“If it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time, what do you get?”
“A bimbo?”
Carlos asks our accountant a question, she obviously meant to say “a rainbow” but somehow the words came out wrong.
“I did not Smaghi, I did not wake, me busy, sorry”
Grisha our assistant cameraman.
“I did a lot of stuff when I was young”
Matthew our 20 year old cameraman.
“Hey, you always look angry on photos”
“It’s not angry! It’s sexy!”
Our accountant tells us how it is…

Chris makes Carlos his Gimp!!

We’re on day 496 of a 15 day shoot, thing’s are happening that we didn’t think would happen. Anyway, only 3 day’s left of this and then it’s a WRAP.

Pictures from the movie

Cromwell and Carlos acting in “The Business Meeting”

Actors and Crew in our production office

Sound does need a lot of batteries

Actress Ida (MoMo) talks to a friend

Grisha (Grip) and Matthew (Camera)

Carlos and Chris aka Gary and Frank

Gary in his fancy apartment

Getting the keys from his landlord (played by our assistant production manager Suzanne)

Leonardo eats some home made pasta courtesy of our Producer

Director tries to be director like

The French are so Charming

Jeff (aka Cosmos) takes a break

The two male models

Re Lim (our Duracell Bunny) – Production Manager

Three additions to our lens range