Barbed Wired Youth (1992)

One of my first short films. Made in 1992 on VHS and edited on two VHS recorders using the pause/rec method. In Icelandic with English subtitles.


Miss Melody – New Music Video

Just uploaded a high quality version of “Sui” by Miss Melody. My new music video that I shot and directed this summer in Beijing. It stars T-Lo skater boy as himself. Miss Melody – Sui

Director – Robert Douglas
Camera – Jason Jie
Costume – Shadow

Shot on a Canon 5D and Sony SLT-a55.

Check out the video here on Vimeo: Miss Melody – Sui

Tony in Sui

Tony Lo acting in Miss Melody video Sui.

Seen T-Lo?

I’m suppose to be finishing a music video for Miss Melody today, for the song Sui. Starring Tony T-Lo, the problem is he’s not showing up and has turned off his mobile phones. At this point in time, we can’t replace him with another actor since he’s already appeared in more than 90% of the video. This final shot was going to be the most important one, it’s the final shot of the video and most of the budget has gone into this shot and that’s the day Mr. actor decides not to show up. What makes things worse is that in 2 day’s T-Lo will be off to America for a year … everything was fine yesterday and he knew of the schedule. I’m going insane, the whole crew is sitting in my living room waiting for Tony. Thoughts … I’m prone to shout “Damn the one child policy youth of today”.

Huan – in competition

Hey people! My music video “Huan” is currently number 3 in an important international music video competition, could you please help make it go higher by voting for it (by playing it and favoring it). … Press the Ourstage link and my music video will come up.

Puppet Master


Last three day’s have been spent on making a little perverted puppet come alive through stop-motion and green screen work. For 10 shot’s during the music video “DUDE” we’ve shot at least 3000 photo’s. Anyway, it’s all coming together and will be interesting to see … I haven’t done stop motion work since I was 12 years and took a 2 week course in animation connected to my school’s art class.

Dude! The Music Video


Just finished first day of shooting of a new music video. The band is DUDE, a western/Chinese band that covers pop music ranging from J-pop, Canto Pop and Celine Dion in punk versions. First day was shot at a live venue called 2-Kolegas, it’s situated within a drive-in cinema in Beijing. We shot during a mini music festival event, lot’s of free beer, mojito’s, bbq food and hippies. We used three cameras to cover the song, Canon 5D and Sony a33 & a55. The footage turned out good. Now the next day’s (hopefully not weeks) will be focused on shooting stop animation footage of a puppet that’s suppose to be behaving badly.