Iceland FC – Title Contest

My dear readers, all 6 of you … including myself. Film Douglas blog is going all social and interactive etc etc, bla bla … I’m currently putting the finishing touches to my documentary about insane football fans in Iceland. During the last 3 years of production of this film we’ve never had a good enough title for the movie, we’ve been unhappy with Iceland FC, The Twelfth Man, Crazy Football etc, all these working titles haven’t really been it. 

Now it’s your chance to help us, come up with a title … and if it’s the title that we choose, before we lock the edit on the 23rd of April, then you will be credited as “Special Advisor” on the movie credits. Amazing title and you might potentially have your first IMDB credit, isn’t that something to show off to your friends on your smartphone, over a beer?
The film is essentially about Icelandic men who are obsessive football fans, they’re not fans of Icelandic teams, but fans of English Premiership teams, 85% of Icelandic men support a team in England … about 5% could say that they support their local team as religiously. We follow them around throughout one season, learn about their passion, learn about their reasons, learn about the break-up of their marriage. 

Iceland Trip


Will be leaving for Iceland on the 6th April, for twenty day’s to finish an upcoming documentary about football fans in Iceland.

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Iceland FC nearly ready

Just got word from our editors in Iceland that the film was screened for the production company. People liked it but it still needs to be shortened. So, some fixes will be made in the coming weeks and then we should be ready for the final stages. I’m still trying to think of a better title than Iceland FC, Larger than life was already used by another Icelandic documentary, but I’m leaning towards just simply Crazy Football Fans?

Larger Than Life – Crazy Football


Just watched the latest edit of “Larger Than Life” working title, a documentary I made about Icelander’s obsession with The English Premiere League in football. It’s getting there, there’s now only a few changes that need to be made but all in all it’s looking OK. I’m still having doubts that this film will appeal to anybody outside of Iceland, since it focuses very much on Icelandic men and football.

Larger Than Life – documentary


Just watched the rough cut of Larger Than Life, my documentary about Icelandic fans of The English Premier Football League. It’s looking good and should be a lot of fun for people interested in football, I might even think for those not interested in football. We need to do a few changes and then it’s about ready.