Movie Crew Quotes (part 1)

So, still a bit too tired to blog anything meaningful or sarcastic, instead I’ll write down a few real quotes that our crew members have uttered during these first day’s of shooting.

“The audience in the cinema won’t smell your costume”
Shadow (our costume designer) when asked by one of our leading men if she had a budget to put his costume to the cleaners because it smelt too bad to wear anymore.
“Nobody shouts on my set”
Our great director making a point during a heated discussion between budget and costumes.
“Woman like banana, Woman like banana, Woman like banana”
Our Belarusian camera assistant handing out fruit to some of the female staff. 
“Sorry I woke up! I can not come”
Our Belarusian camera assistant telling us that he can’t show up for the day’s shooting.
“This is my translator, she will now translate Russia to English for me, she is from Korea”
Our Belarusian camera assistant introducing us to his assistant.
“Who doesn’t like a sexy woman in a bikini?”
Our female Production manager stating the obvious.


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