Movie Crew Quotes (part 2)

“Who ordered organic dumplings? That is not going to happen again!”
Director when faced with the bill from the dumpling place.
“What? You’re not doing make-up on male actors? I need make-up!”
Actor who plays Claude (the male model) on discovering that he would not be required for make-up
“I don’t get what’s so funny?”
“If you don’t try and get what’s funny about this scene then you shouldn’t be trying to act in this movie!”
Two of the extra’s discussing a scene they’re about to play, one of them being a bit pissed off by the other one.
“I liked your original ending, but now it seems it’s missing some key points to bridge it over to that all important third act. I’m just offering my advice.” 
“Don’t worry, we decided to go for a dumb and dumber ending rather than some cheesy soap opera ending, it’s going to be fine.”
An Actor shares his opinion on the ending and Director answers. 
“You’re a comedic genius!”
An investor talking to Chris (one of the leading actors)
“I decided to spend the night with a lot of naked chinese guys, it’s a good deal for 200rmb you get the whole spa treatment, sauna and a buffet and you can sleep there.” 
Our main actor Carlos on how to charge his batteries between shooting days
“That scene was so realistic Dad!”
Director’s daughter talking about a scene between Carlos and Ai Wan where they are an ex couple arguing loudly about their lives. 
“Maestro! Maestro! We have only used steadycam once! It’s no good Maestro!”
Our Belarusian camera assistant…
“I want you to smile in Chinese”
Director asking one of his actors to smile in Chinese (but he meant “talk in Chinese).
“Robot,  how do you want the make-up to be in this scene?”
“Robot, what costume do you want in this scene?”
Costume designer still hasn’t gotten to grips with the director’s name, ROBERT!
“Actually, I do not think I look like the Camera Assistant, Actually I think I look more like him.” (points to male model).
Sound guy has had enough of the crew thinking he looks like the Belarusian camera assistant and want’s to set the record straight. 


Gee / One for the tech nerds

our camera & sound equipment
Sony Nex5n camera, Sony 50mm F1.8, Sigma 19mm F2.8, Tamron 20mm F1.8, Sigma 50mm F1.4, Nikon 85mm F1.4 / Zoom H4N recorder and Sony Sound equipment. 
next up we’ll show you the grip equipment – that’s serious!

Gee / So Far So Good

It’s been an interesting few day’s shooting Gee (Carlo’s video blog to his mom in London) – as we’ve told passers by who ask us questions, “this is for our friend because his mom can’t travel to Beijing she want’s to know what it’s like”. Thankfully our camera looks like an iphone but the quality we’re getting out of it is quite amazing, ah technology and the advances it’s made since my first short movie on a JVC VHS “Cam Corder” in the 1980’s. Anyway, given the current situation around this area we’ve stripped our crew to the bare minimum during outside street shots but keep the full crew when we’re in interior locations. We’ve had a couple of people drop out but the best of them have stayed with us 🙂 There’s just the 4 of us in the Camera/Tech/Director’s department and then about 10 in the Production department, I think the ratio of boys to girls is the same, with the girls in majority – yeah Cannes!!! take that.

More Pictures (these from yesterday)

Movie Crew Quotes (part 1)

So, still a bit too tired to blog anything meaningful or sarcastic, instead I’ll write down a few real quotes that our crew members have uttered during these first day’s of shooting.

“The audience in the cinema won’t smell your costume”
Shadow (our costume designer) when asked by one of our leading men if she had a budget to put his costume to the cleaners because it smelt too bad to wear anymore.
“Nobody shouts on my set”
Our great director making a point during a heated discussion between budget and costumes.
“Woman like banana, Woman like banana, Woman like banana”
Our Belarusian camera assistant handing out fruit to some of the female staff. 
“Sorry I woke up! I can not come”
Our Belarusian camera assistant telling us that he can’t show up for the day’s shooting.
“This is my translator, she will now translate Russia to English for me, she is from Korea”
Our Belarusian camera assistant introducing us to his assistant.
“Who doesn’t like a sexy woman in a bikini?”
Our female Production manager stating the obvious.

4th Day of Shooting (or the first)

The idea was always to blog about the experience of making the movie … but … it’s been one mess of a clusterfuck after the other and I haven’t had the time to do anything outside of these first four day’s of shooting of which only today felt really like the first day. By that I mean it was the first day I felt we actually shot anything that is worth watching on the big screen, but that’s at least a good sign, only 4 day’s in and I think we’ll only get better. Which translates, I think the movie will be more than half decent. I think we’re on to something. But I’m too tired now, so I’ll leave you with some pictures from set … next time I can blog is the next time the schedule didn’t run 10 hours over or we had a good day etc. Some funny stories from set (of course) but who gives a shit about that now? Gone to sleep.

Sound, Director, DOP – (daughter of director on sofa) shooting the engagement party scene

Director and the two main starts (discussing yet another party scene)

Director holding the camera, main actress watches on…

Name change and crew

Gee (formerly known as Gary) now known as SANLITUN. We’ve finally decided on a name for our movie and are happy with the name SANLITUN. Sanlitun is the main expat area of Beijing, but at the same time this area remains quite Chinese and could be called the only melting pot in the city, where both cultures blend into one. So, it’s apt for our film.

We’ve gathered together a crew that is perhaps not high on experience but they are certainly high on enthusiasm and that’s what counts … with these people on board I’m sure we’ll have a great adventure in making SANLITUN a reality.

From left to right: 
Jeremy Lights/Grip (France), Carlos Actor (UK), James Sound (UK) Re Lim Production Manager (Malaysia), Grisha Camera (Belarus), Hai Production Coordinator (China), Robert Director (Iceland/Ireland), Maureen Producer (Chile/Ireland), Suzanne Production Assistant (China), Lin Script Supervisor (China), Justine Creative Director (Canada). 
Missing on the picture are Stacey Line Producer (China), Yin Assistant Director (China), Shadow Costumes/Make Up (China) and Silvia Accounts (Italy).

Carlos & Ai go method

As a part of preparations for their role in the upcoming movie SANLITUN (formerly Gee). Ai Wan and Carlos Ottery, who play ex husband and wife, decided to go out on a date. Ai Wan got to choose their destination first and took Carlos to her glamour world, a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show, as the picture shows – our man Carlos was a bit out of place (bottom picture). He later took Ai Wan to his side of town … bars such as Pure Girl, Bar Mongolia and The Den, no pictures available from that part of the evening. Apparently the experiment was a success and they now feel like a bickering ex married couple.