Oh well…


This is what my website looks like in China, www.filmdouglas.com

That’s suppose to be my show-reel embedded from vimeo, but as vimeo is blocked it comes up like this. The 8 social (information) sites I offer to readers can not be accessed, not even imdb, they all result in a “webpage not available” message. The only link on my front page that Chinese users can click on is the little Chinese flag which takes them to a youku player of my show-reel and a link to weibo, youku is a copy of youtube and weibo is a copy of twitter. I don’t think any of these sites are blocked for sensitive issues, I think they’re just competition that is kept out so that weibo, youku can own the market. But what’s the deal with imdb? It might surprise you to know that wikipedia is not blocked in China … but imdb is. And how did I manage to post this on blogger? Well, VPN’s are relatively good business here.


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