A Road Movie Deserves A Road Trip

Planned route to Ningxia
Me and the DP, Associate Producer and Music Composer are leaving tomorrow morning to Ningxia. There we will meet with our Chinese Co-Producers and local authorities to take a look at locations, hammer out a deal and look at the local “Movie Studio”. That’s our planned route, we will be stopping at Ordos (a city built a few years ago) and it’s apparently a ghost city, some major design project that didn’t quite work out. Everything is set, all we need now is a CAR!

Ningxia Location Scouting and setting up mutual benefits

I’ll be heading to Ningxia province in western China, by the Gobi Desert. Leaving on Friday for a 3 day location scout of the province, for my upcoming movie Red Flag. I’ll be wined and dined and whisked around by the local government who seem eager to get movies and co-productions to this second lowest GPD province of China. A film company with ties to Ningxia province are lining up to become our Chinese co-producers and this is the first step in a hopefully mutual beneficial relationship between Icelandic film and Chinese film. Some of the sites I’ll be taking a look at are Helan Mountain, The Pyramids of China, The Yellow River and various lakes, villages and other scenery.

Red Flag: Application

Icelandic Film Fund application is ready and will be handed in today, me and my producer have been preparing the documents for the past couple of weeks. It’s a roughly 160 page document including: script, budget, CV’s, letter of intents, marketing plan, financial plan, synopsis, treatment, pitch, agreement’s, cast & crew list, time-line and more. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed for good news in about 6-8 weeks time. Our aim is to go into production in October/November 2011. The English title of the film is RED FLAG, Icelandic name is Utlendingurinn (The Foreigner).

Huan – in competition

Hey people! My music video “Huan” is currently number 3 in an important international music video competition, could you please help make it go higher by voting for it (by playing it and favoring it).

http://www.ourstage.com/tracks/AFPXUSWIJVWO-huan … Press the Ourstage link and my music video will come up.

Puppet Master


Last three day’s have been spent on making a little perverted puppet come alive through stop-motion and green screen work. For 10 shot’s during the music video “DUDE” we’ve shot at least 3000 photo’s. Anyway, it’s all coming together and will be interesting to see … I haven’t done stop motion work since I was 12 years and took a 2 week course in animation connected to my school’s art class.