Well, one of the better feelings … Getting done with a 1st draft of a script is good, but finishing a final draft is FU**ING GREAT! Nearly as good as getting a final edit ready or the first/last day of shooting.

Anyway, after all the weeks, months and years (3 years now) this idea has now become a full 112 page script (FINAL DRAFT VERSION). Now, it’s just a question of getting everything in place … and shooting, easier said than done 😉

And I’ll be celebrating a bit tonight.


Back in Beijing

Back in Beijing from a short trip to Hong Kong. Writing, writing and writing some more … 3rd and final draft of Red Flag nearly ready. For added pressure I’ll blog about my process, I’m on page 50 of 95 will attempt to be finished by the weekend, my headache now is changing a pop singer into a banker (and all the dialog that goes with it).

Hong Kong

Currently in Hong Kong, renewing my Visa for mainland China.It can be refreshing and strange at the same time to get out of the bubble, at the same time as sites such as blogger, facebook, twitter and youtube are open for access over here … and newspapers write kind of what they want, there’s far more social rules (rules that people make up themselves) here in HK rather than in the mainland. Real freedom is when you can spit on the streets, take a piss wherever and smoke anywhere you want while being drunk and disorderly … who cares about facebook when you’ve got that? Getting back to crazy Beijing tomorrow.