Entering Competitions

Film Douglas ehf, has decided to take under it’s wing a young and talented scriptwriter/idea man and mentor him in the art of making meaningful yet darkly mundane and twisted comedies (in other words: Scandinavian films). First off is a pitch for a short film competition for Nokia (yes, Scandinavian also). Now, the requirements to enter the competition meant that we had to video tape our pitch and keep it publicly online on vimeo. So, it’s out there for all of you to judge … along with the Nokia judges.

Interesting fact: Nokia made rubber boots (wellingtons) before entering the mobile phone market. Every Scandinavian who grew up between circa the 1950’s to the 1990’s knows them as the rubber boot makers … Nokia was THE BOOT BRAND in Iceland.

part of my NOKIA boot-collection


Kevin Spacey to star in Red Flag


Kevin Spacey, pictured with director Robert Douglas and producer Elli Eiriksson has signed on to star in the next feature film by Douglas, Red Flag. Red Flag is a road movie set in China about a western banker who befriends a local Chinese taxi driver. Kevin Spacey has just completed Chinese film Inseparable and after talks over some Bushmills Whiskey in Ichikura Japanese Cocktail bar in Beijing, he decided to stay on and act the main role in Douglas’s movie, he’s also financing it completely by himself and the only artistic license he’s imposed on Douglas is that the film be shot entirely in 3D, making it the first 3D art-house film, something Spacey feels strongly about. “I feel the future of art-house movies is in 3D, can you imagine if films such as My Left Foot and Black Swan had been in 3D, they would have been so much better” said Spacey, “I agree” said Douglas.