Baldur re-writes

BALDUR is going through some last minute re-writes, shooting is scheduled in the upcoming months. BALDUR is a feature film to be directed by Robert I. Douglas. The screenplay is written by Ottar Geir Borg and Robert I. Douglas. The film is a co-production between ALBRID ehf. and ZIK ZAK films. The story centers around BALDUR, a man who decides to take the day off and behave badly, losing all his morality in the progress. One of the main changes in the current re-writes is to change him from being a lawyer to a banker, which is a more current theme considering Iceland’s situation at the moment.


Hot Pot Synopsis

Film Douglas has acquired the option of “Hot Pot” a screenplay written by Tara Wilkinson. Below is a short synopsis of the story.

What would you do if you found a video of your late mother having sex with a man you didn’t know? Sarah, a lonely fourteen year old, decides to track the man down in a hope he will satisfy her curiosity about her mother. Sarah’s investigation is complicated by her failure to disclose its purpose – or even mention her mother – to the man in the video. She constructs elaborate lies to conceal her actions from her father and sister. But Sarah discovers she is not the only one with something to hide.

Film Douglas Options Screenplay by Australian screenwriter

Film Douglas has optioned “Hot Pot” (Working Title) by Tara Wilkinson. The screenplay was originally set in Australia but is being re-written for an Icelandic setting. The screenplay is a coming of age story about a young handicapped girl and her small family of an older sister and their father.

Talks with actor

We are in on-going talks with a major celebrity in Iceland to play the leading role of Baldur. This is a celebrity that is not afraid of the role itself and is eager to act in the movie, the main stumbling block being his availability. He has indicated that he’s fully booked during our scheduled shooting. But we are trying to find ways to resolve these issues. Shooting was and still is scheduled for November, but the clock is ticking and we’ll have to see if we need to delay the film for another 2-3 months.

Credit Crunch

Just when we thought we’d be able to start shooting BALDUR the credit crunch hit’s Iceland the hardest. So, we’re running into various problems… nothing that can’t be sorted out. Our main problems these day’s seems to be finding a “big” name actor for the leading role, somebody who isn’t afraid of the script and who isn’t constantly worrying about their image, which seems to be the case with most celebrities in Iceland. Our money men want a celebrity, but the celebrities have so far been scared of jumping on board this “brutal”, “dark” and “nasty” film, to quote some of them.